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Video: Indian Forest Officials Pull a Goat Out of a Python’s Mouth

After a giant 15-feet-long python slithered into Jaitpur village in Madhya Pradesh and swallowed an entire goat, the alarmed villagers immediately called the forest officials. What happened next was genuinely extraordinary.

As the video (above) filmed by the villagers shows, the forest officials are pulled the goat out of the python’s death grip.

Akhil Baba, a snake rescue expert (wearing a pink shirt in the video), is seen holding the snake, while another official pulls the goat out. Immediately, Akhil Baba holds the python immobile using a stick. Unfortunately, it was too late for the goat, which and could not be saved.

“It was a 15 ft-long python. To take the reptile out from the pit among the bushes was a tough job but we managed it well.”

It took a while for the forest officials to spot the snake, which had hidden itself in a pit among the bushes after its heavy meal. They put the python into a gunny bag, and later released it back in the forest.